Careers With Deaton’s Mechanical

You’ve got in-demand skills, and you can take your career anywhere. See why our team sticks with Deaton’s year after year.

Benefits: We Take Care Of Our Own

Here’s a peek at some of the benefits available to all members of the Deaton’s team, whether you’re out on the job site or behind the desk.

Competitive Salaries + 401(k)

At Deaton’s, we offer competitive salaries that aren’t tied to commissions, quotas or any other incentive. We’ll even pitch in toward your future with 401(k) matching.

full benefits package

Our service techs put their bodies on the line every day, so we offer full benefits packages to take care of those bodies. Health, vision and dental insurance come standard at Deaton’s.

paid time off

On the scale of work/life balance, we try to weigh things toward the “life” side of things. On top of flexible scheduling, all full-time Deaton’s employees get generous PTO.

tuition reimbursement

You’ve got aspirations for your career — and you’ve got our full support. We offer tuition reimbursement so you can learn the skills you need to take the next leap in your profession.

Quarterly Team-Building Events

The team that parties together stays together… or something like that! Every quarter the Deaton’s team gets together for team dinners, putt-putt and other fun activities we’d love to see your face at.

we’re more than mechanics

Sure, our people can talk shop. But they can talk about all sorts of other things they’re passionate about, too. Here’s what makes the Deaton’s team great people to work with.
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Off or On The Job, We’re On Your Side

As a family-owned company, we know that sometimes there are more important things than work. When something major comes up in your life, we’ll do our best to make accommodations.

You’re More Than A Number. You’re Number 1.

We’ve all worked jobs where you feel like a faceless number in a sea of underappreciated contractors. That’s why Deaton’s puts our people first, every time.

But don’t take it from us. Take it from one of our service techs whose day on the job with Deaton’s turned into a bucket list opportunity.

There’s Never A Dull Day At Deaton’s

Some say variety is the spice of life. We say variety is a great way to go home at the end of the day and not feel like pulling your hair out.

Since Deaton’s serves all sorts of businesses across Indiana, your average day will keep your hands and your brain busy. You’ll interact with all sorts of customers, face a wide variety of mechanical challenges and put all of your various skills to use.

grow with us.

We care about a lot more than your 9-5. Whether you’re trying to learn something new or master one skill in particular, Deaton’s can help you take the next step in your career — even if that means parting ways one day far down the road.

You’ve Got Great Ideas. We’ve Got Open Minds.

We’ve been in the game for 30+ years, but that doesn’t mean we know it all. If you’ve got ideas about how we can do things better, we’re all ears!

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